Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Back to blissful normality...

am a huge fan of Christmas. And obviously as Luke's first, this year it was extra special. However, as fun as the fairy light, carols and obscene amounts of food were, I surprised myself with just how much I relished getting back to normality. 

This morning was the first morning I didn't have to get up and get dressed. We had a leisurely breakfast and played with all Luke's new toys. We had cuddles on the sofa, watched postman pat, and Luke drifted off into a lovely peaceful sleep. I think it's the first time in over a week that he hasn't had his nap in the car whilst being ferried to yet another relatives house for lunch. 
We got to have a catchup with a mummy friend over lunch and when he went down for his afternoon nap, I got to snuggle on the sofa with a cup of tea and do some much needed blogging. It all felt so blissfully normal. Such a refreshing change to the past couple of weeks of running round like a blue arsed fly, desperately trying to remain festive while secretly wishing I was at home scoffing chocolate in my pyjamas. 

I love Christmas. It really is the most magical time of year. But this year especially, I have found myself craving my simple life full of play dates, baby groups and sofa snuggles. 
And today couldn't have been more gloriously, perfectly normal. 

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