Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Blogmas #2 - Nearly Yummy Mummy Christmas tree!

The Christmas decorations are finally up in the Nearly Yummy Mummy household! I usually have the house sufficiently glitter bombed and ready for Christmas by the first of December. As a self confessed addict of fairy lights and anything sparkly, I like the tree up as early as my husband will allow (apparently the beginning of November is too early?!)
This year due to a migraine on my part and hideous bouts of sickness from the baby, decorating the house happened a couple of days late. However the decorations are now up, and I am feeling super festive!

We unfortunately can't have real Christmas trees in the house as they make me really sneezy. I have to say I'm a little bit sad that we don't get to have the lovely pine smell wafting through the house as it's so Christmassy. However I make up for it with copious amounts of festive scented reed diffusers and thankfully it means I'm not hoovering needles out of the carpet for months!

I am usually a fan of matching everything - I love to co-ordinate! But my Christmas tree is the exception to the rule. When Pete and I first moved in together, we decided to buy one really special tree decoration each year. Now this didn't quite go to plan as I got carried away the first year and bought about 9, But since then I have been very good and stuck to our little tradition.

My favourite places to buy decorations are TK Maxx and a beautiful independent shop in Bath called The 25th of December which is a lot of fun to shop in as it just oozes Christmas. I always leave feeling ten times more excited than when I arrived. This year we did something a bit different. Back in October when we were in Cyprus, we found a beautiful Christmas bauble in one of the shops and decided to buy it as this years decoration to remember our first family holiday. It felt very strange buying a Christmas ornament in hot, sunny Cyprus, but it's beautiful and I love it. 

One of my favourite pieces on my tree was actually something given to me by a very dear friend rather than one I bought myself.
Every year my best friends from school and I get together to catch up, eat good food and drink lots of wine. I think it might be favourite Christmas tradition, and every year the hosts mum showers us with beautiful gifts. Last year I got given the most beautiful Christmas tree decorations from Liberty in London. They are mercury glass hearts which have a hinge and open up so you can hide a chocolate in them (chocolates which I have yet to buy...) They are by far my favourite ornaments and they make my tree look super glam and fancy :-)

As a last minute Christmas idea thought up whilst traipsing round Tesco, I decided to make Pomanders. They smell totally amazing and once I have dusted them with orrisroot they will be finished and ready to make my house smell delicious. I have to say it was oddly therapeutic making pretty patterns out of cloves, I highly recommend it.

I have also dotted cutesie Christmas ornaments around the house like tea light holders, Father Christmas paraphanelia and glittery pine cones (they're a must in my house!).

I am now starting to get very over excited about Christmas and I'm sure I will only get worse as I'm about to head online and get our Christmas cards printed! What is it that gets you in the festive spirit?

Happy Blogmas! X

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  1. Ahh what a gorgeous christmas tree. I bet its feeling all festive now. I love it. Happy Holidays lovely. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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