Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Blogmas #1 - Christmas pottery painting!

I woke up this morning to see Twitter covered in #blogmas posts. As a big lover of Christmas (I am an avid fan of anything that allows me to cover the house in even more glitter!) I have decided to join in. So welcome to Blogmas day 1!

As it is Luke's first Christmas and my first as a mummy, I feel the need to go a little overboard this year. I mean you only have one first Christmas! 
So this morning we went to Flying Saucers pottery cafe to make some Christmas presents for Luke's Grandparents. 

I had the idea of doing handprint mugs after we had Luke's hand and footprints done on a plaque at 4 months old, so when a friend asked us to join them for pottery painting, I was totally on board. 

With 5 mummies and 6 babies (one set of twins!) it was a manic adventure to say the least. The little ones were not totally in love with the idea of being painted and printed so shouting and tears were a fairly dominant part of the session! 

That being said, Luke was very compliment and I was actually really pleased with the way the the handprints turned out. 

I then added bunting around the top of the mugs and polka dots to fill in the gaps. I wanted to personalise them a bit so I wrote a little message on each of the mugs. My mother in law is more of a 'cup and saucer' kind of lady so I wrote a something around the saucer which I think looks really cute, if I do say so myself! 
As my mums didn't have a saucer with it, I wrote 'Granny's cup of tea' on the bottom so people can see it when she takes a sip :-) 

Unfortunately the end of the session took a turn for the worse as Luke was spectacularly sick over himself, his seat and me. He's since seen the Dr and is all ok but may have a little bit of a bug. Not that you'd guess it - two minutes after converting everything in sick he was back to his happy, chatty self! 
Unfortunately this meant I didn't get a picture of the finished pieces (I also had to skip making a first Christmas bauble which was a bit sad).
However they will be ready next week so I will pop a photo up on my Instagram so you can see how they turned out. 
Pop back tomorrow for our next Christmas adventure. 

Happy Blogmas! X


  1. Ah lush post, I too love Christmas and am super excited this year!! Your creations look fab. I hope you enjoy your first Christmas as a Mummy. Christmas is so much fun when you're a mum! xx #bestandworst

    1. Thank you! Hopefully they'll turn out rather nicely! Xx

  2. I keep hearing about #blogmas... Is the idea a festive post every day?... Sounds intense! Good luck, I look forward to reading more... While I'm winding down for a festive blog break :-) xxx

  3. Intense work hun with the #blogmas so good on you. Looks like complete amazing baby chaos with ace results!! Hope Luke was ok. Sick is never nice!! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst and see you soon x

  4. Hi..how do I subscribe to your blog? I would hate to miss a post x

    1. Aaww thank you! There is a box that says 'follow by email' down the right hand side. If you're on a mobile phone I think you might have to change to 'view web version'. Hope that helps! Xxx


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