Monday, 14 December 2015

Blogmas #16 - Mummy in mourning

This is it - I have officially had my last set of Christmas nails for another whole year :-( but on the up side, they are gorgeous and I get to enjoy them for 2 whole weeks!

I mentioned last time that I was planning on going gold and black for Christmas Day. 
Due to an utterly gorgeous dress I accidentally bought for my work Christmas party, this has now had to change. As the dress is navy and beaded, I decided to get matching nails with silver snowflake stamping and all the extra glitter I could possibly squeeze in. Although not typical Christmas nails, I am totally in love with them and they look amazing with my dress. 

I am however still quite taken with the idea of gold and black nails, so these may have to be my New Years nails - any excuse for a little extra sparkle :-)

Happy Blogmas! X

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