Monday, 12 October 2015

New tastes - milk free weaning.

My little boy had to be weaned earlier than recommended due to a cows milk protein allergy. 
Weaning at 4 months wasn't the most exciting as they're only allowed fruit and veg, but now Luke has hit 6 months it's so much fun! He absolutely loves his food (although refuses to do BLW and will only be spoon fed - typical lazy boy!) 
Here's a few new things we tried this week. 

Roast dinner. 
Luke had his very first roast dinner this week and loved it. This was so easy to make as I just cooked up some extra of what Pete and I were eating. This is a great way of getting a whole range of vegetables packed into one meal. 

We've both started having porridge for breakfast and Luke LOVES it! I usually mix in some sort of puréed fruit to make it less bland - we tried Apple, pear and mango. 

I was unsure about What Luke's reaction to salmon would be as its quite fishy. But he really enjoyed it. I used an Annabel Karmel recipe which mixed it with carrots and tomatoes. 

We also had a bit of an allergy break through this week. Last month Luke had an allergic reaction to banana. We were told to try it again after a few weeks so we had a little taste this morning and good news - no reaction! Hopefully one day we'll have a similar experience with milk one day. 


  1. He is doing so well that's great that he is eating lots of different food. I loved weaning mine although so messy!! Xx

  2. bless him, he looks like he's wearing most of it!

  3. Love the photos, takes me back :) It's great that he's enjoying so many different flavours x Sara | mumturnedmom

  4. Great Post and cute photos! Wish my girls would eat different foods!! Xx

  5. I'm hoping it continues but I have a feeling that may be wishful thinking! X

  6. Bless him he looks adorable wearing his food. I loved the weaning process with my first son and have it to look forward to with my second very soon. Hope things continue to progress well for you x

  7. aggh it must be so hard weaning when you have allergies to consider. Sounds like he is getting a great range of foods though still!


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